Biblionix provides medium-sized and smaller public libraries with elegant solutions that increase staff effectiveness and patron enjoyment. Its flagship product is Apollo, providing the primary services of a library from the Internet. Biblionix has over over ten years experience in library custom solutions and IT management. Their Internet-based services are created directly from the challenges of real libraries and practicing librarians. Whether they address known problems or bring innovation where unexpected, Biblionix solutions make a difference.

Echotouch Corporation

Echotouch Corporation provides a revolutionary advertising platform that allows local merchants to get the results of a mass marketing campaign at a fraction of the cost: Madison Avenue Results on a Main Street Budget(TM). Locally owned and operated merchants who are trying to grow their businesses are faced with using typical advertising methods that have high cost are not measurable. Echotouch provides a cost effective solution by touching prospects with a captivating, visually compelling advertising message at an extremely low CPM.

Hume Integration Software   

Hume Integration Software specializes in developing software products for Network Integrated Manufacturing in the semiconductor, flat-panel display, and MEMS industries.  Hume enables new levels of manufacturing integration efficiency, flexibility, and reliability.  By carefully combining our creative development efforts with selected open source software, we are able to provide superior function and value to major fabs and equipment manufacturers the world over.  Hume Integration Software products are being used with the latest 300mm tools and SEMI/SECS/GEM equipment, as well as non-SEMI/GEM/SECS equipment.  The company was founded in 1992 by Edward C. Hume, III PhD, an expert software developer with over twenty years experience in the Semiconductor Industry.

Management Information Analysis

Management Information Analysis (MIA) enables executive teams and operations executives to outpace their competitors with powerful strategic planning services, client data management, database development services & business applications software. MIA plans, develops, and adapts large-scale software applications to streamline business operations and deliver systems that turn numbers into measurable business results.

Westbank Community Library
(pro bono)

The Westbank Community Library is a thriving community center in the Austin, Texas area. It's success is so great that a new branch is required. Funds for the branch must come partially from donations. Clarketing is particpating in the fundraising efforts and is creating the associated collateral. See an example.